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Established: 1849

Academics - Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
  • 1. Students should be duly particular in maintaining discipline and punctuality and attend school in proper uniform.
  • 2. It is mandatory for the students to attend prayers regularly.
  • 3. Absence from school without proper reason will not be granted.
  • 4. Unavoidable absence should be duly informed to the class teacher after the first day, Doctor-certificate required for absence over 5 days.
  • 5. No student is allowed to leave the school before stipulated time.
  • 6. Guardians are not allowed to communicate with their wards during school hours.
  • 7. Guardians are required to be well informed about the progress of the student and duly attend the Guardians Meeting on scheduled dates or whenever required by the school for the sake of their wards.
  • 8. It is mandatory to participate in all the school activities whenever required.
  • 9. Mobile phones and other valuables are strictly prohibited within the school campus and if identified, the school authority has every right to take them in custody.
  • 10. All the properties belonging to the school should not be misused or malhandled.
  • 11. Students should leave the School Campus within half an hour of the final bell.
  • 12. The students should try their best to uphold the prestige of this Esteemed Institution.